Our three way leather back offers three great looks for the price of one.

Our three way leather back pack is both flexible and fashionable. It offers three looks: the traditional two strap back pack, this brings the bag close to your back,offering extra security, great for walking the dog or being out an about.

The second look is more casual simply zip the strap together and drape across your shoulder, this is fab is you usually wear a shoulder bag. The bag also acts as a pop of colour to whatever you are wearing, but everything stays safe because is is close to you body, and you can only access the opening by the extending the straps.

The third look zip the strap together and allow the strap to open up to its longest length this way you can hold in your hand or in the crook of your arm.  This flexible provides several “looks”, the leather is butter soft and squishy and comes in a collection of colours. We have moved the traditional back pack into a fashionable and beautiful bag that is not just for walkers or hikers. The bag style is perfect for anyone of the go and in particular if you need your hands free. Real natural leather also ensures the longevity of the bag and the slight difference that makes no two bags the same.

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